Entegris-應特格 硅片盒裝置



2013/9/3 0:39:00


Entegris-應特格 晶圓承載盒 芯片承載盒


Spectra™ FOUP



The Spectra™ FOUP is a 25+1 capacity front opening unified pod (FOUP) that provides clean and secure wafer transport, optimum automation integration and low cost of ownership for your facility.


  • Industry-proven door for equipment interoperability and long life

  • Wafer supports integral with shell give excellent wafer plane performance and reliable wafer access

  • Accurate equipment interfaces
    – Top robotic flange
    – Bottom kinematic coupling

  • Ergonomic side handles for manual handling

  • Unsurpassed cleanability and dryability

  • Effective ESD path-to-ground

  • ESD shell option provides added protection for wafers

  • Purge capable

  • High-strength assembly

  • Wafers retained against shock and vibration

  • Meets all applicable SEMI standards


Overall Size/Weight

  • Width: 416 mm (16.4")

  • Depth: 333 mm (13.1")

  • Height: 335 mm (13.2")

  • Weight (empty): 4.2 kg (9.26 lb)
    (with wafers): 7.3 kg (16.09 lb)

Materials of Construction

  • Ultrapure polycarbonate used in the FOUP shell, door housing and door panels 

  • STAT-PRO® 3000 carbon-filled PEEK™ material used in wafer contact areas in the shell and wafer retainer

  • STAT-PRO® 500 carbon-filled polycarbonate used in the ESD FOUP shell, door housing, door components

  • Ultrapure thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) material used in the critical door seal

Configuration Options and Accessories

Color Options

  • Color options on shell and door

  • Four color options available: red, green, amber and clear

Configuration Options

  • Info pads configurable by customer

Identification Options

  • Cardholders

  • Color handle inserts

  • Bar code adhesive labels

  • RFID molded-in or RFID pill

Ordering Information

These standard part numbers include a rear bracket and RFID pill in bottom horizontal position.

Part NumberShell and Door Panel Color

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