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Truckee Meadows Regional Planning Governing Board Meeting September 2020 Observations

I virtually attended as an observer the meeting of the Truckee Meadows Regional Governing Board on September 3, 2020. Besides trying to cover up some obvious violations concerning volunteer work ex post facto, I was shocked at the violations of the Nevada Open Meeting Law that were revealed in the meeting. My opponent, Vaughn Hartung, openly admitted his violations of the Act.

I am not saying that the risk meter is not a good idea, but what I am saying that the principle of open government in the sunlight and not in back rooms is what government should be about. Putting an end to that kind of government is why I am running. Even though the end result is admirable, it can never justify violating the law to get there.

The elected officials, including Mr. Hartung, who took part in these secret meetings should have known better. Apparently expediency got in the way of informing the public. That can never be an excuse.